You check your phone, your thermostat, and the weather… often!

When was the last time you checked yourself?

A yearly visit with your healthcare provider establishes a baseline for your health. It allows your provider to keep their fingers on the pulse of your health, perform routine screenings, and detect any emerging issues you may have. Many diseases are highly treatable if detected and treated early, preventing complications and healthcare expenses down the road.

Be a hero: Vaccines are your superpower

Vaccines are a safe and effective way to ward off respiratory infections like the flu, RSV, pneumonia, and COVID-19. Your healthcare provider can make sure your vaccines are up to date to protect you and everyone around you from preventable illnesses.

Let’s get to know each other

When your healthcare provider sees you on a regular basis, it allows them to get to know your lifestyle and risk factors. They may notice a change in your overall well being and recommend routine screenings for certain conditions. Early detection of cancer and other diseases could save your life. Find a healthcare provider near you and get to know each other!

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